Welcome to the Chuan group

The Chuan Group focuses on developing methods for controlling the architecture of molecules and materials, understanding their fundamental properties, and utilizing such structures to develop novel catalysts that can be applied in the areas of electrocatalysis, energy generation, storage, and conversion. The Research Group has pioneered the researches towards carbon neutral society and sustainable future.

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Latest News
November 25, 2021
Our paper on CO2RR has been accepted for publication by Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Chunxiao, Menglu and Jiawei's paper on CO2RR has been accepted for publication by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. We disclosed a correlation between the CO2-to-C2+ conversion and nanoconfinement effect of Cu hollow multi-shell nanostructures with tunable shell number. Congratulations!

October 28, 2021
Prof. Chuan Xia and Assoc Prof. Qiu Jiang are recognized in the Top 2% Scientists Worldwide

Professor Chuan Xia and Qiu Jiang have been included in the ranking of the world’s most-cited researchers and those who are among the top 2% of more than six million scientists worldwide.

September 17, 2021
Our paper is published by Nature Nanotechnology

Congratulations to Tingting, Chunxiao and Chenxi's paper on electrochemical CO2-to-HCOOH conversion has been publisheded on Nature Nanotechnology!

June 25, 2021
Our paper is accepted by Nature Chemistry

Congratulations to Chuan's high loading single-atom catalyst paper accepted for publication by Nature Chemistry !

April 17, 2021
Team outing at Ching Ming

We visited Dujiangyan and enjoyed a Live-Action Role Playing

March 25, 2021
Welcome all the visiting students/postdoc from USTC!

It is amazing to have such young, fresh and talented members as part of our team! Welcome Aboard!

  1. The startup funding of UESTC [UESTC, Chuan Xia, 2020-2024]
  2. The startup funding of UESTC [UESTC, Qiu Jiang, 2021-2023]
  3. Realizing commercial-level production of pure formic acid solution via electrochemical CO2 reduction using single atom doped Cu catalyst [NSFC, Chuan Xia, 2022-2024; 300,000 RMB]
  4. Onsite electrosynthesis of pure hydrogen peroxide using single atom materials and its sewage treatment application [NSFC, Chuan Xia, 2022-2025; 580,000 RMB]