Welcome to the Chuan group

The Chuan Group focuses on developing methods for controlling the architecture of molecules and materials, understanding their fundamental properties, and utilizing such structures to develop novel catalysts that can be applied in the areas of electrocatalysis, energy generation, storage, and conversion. The Research Group has pioneered the researches towards carbon neutral society and sustainable future.

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Latest News
January 5, 2023
🔝 Prof. Xia has been selected as ”UESTC Person of the Year 2022“

We’re on a mission to build a carbon-neutral society and a sustainable future. — and we believe our achievements in 2022 are a huge step forward in getting us there. Our team is so grateful for all the support from everyone and we’re excited to continue building a better future with you.

December 26, 2022
Our CO2 upcycling work has been selected as 2022 Top 10 scientific breakthroughs in China

Our proposed hybrid electro-biosystem can potentially enable the CO2 upcycling into various foodstuffs and valuable medicines at an industry-relevant production rate.

December 24, 2022
Two Ph.D. Openings in Electrocatalysis for 2023 Fall

Please share this information with your friends who may be interested in this position!

December 24, 2022
Prof. Xia gave a talk at the opening ceremony for 2022

On August 29, UESTC held a grand opening ceremony for the undergraduates of Class 2022.

July 6, 2022
We are Falling Walls 2022 winners

We have been selected as the winners for the Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2022 in Engineering and Technology. Check https://falling-walls.com/engineering-and-technology/ for more information.

May 5, 2022
NSFC highlighted our work on CO2 upcycling

NSFC highlighted our work on CO2 upcycling, this work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21925204,22102018,52171201,32071416,22005291)

April 29, 2022
Our work on CO2 upcycling has received wide media coverage

People's daily,Guang Ming Daily,Science Technology Daily and many main stream medias highlighted our work on CO2 upcycling. This work was in collaboration with Prof. Jie Zeng from USTC and Prof. Tao Yu from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences.

April 22, 2022
Outdoor Group Meeting in Dayi

We held an outdoor group meeting in Dayi.

  1. Electrochemical conversion of CO2 towards C2+ chemicals. [National Key Research and Development Program of China, Chuan Xia, 2022-2025, ¥3,000,000, Co-PI (my portion is ¥780,000)]
  2. Porous Cu alloyed materials for electrosynthesis of pure multi-carbon liquid fuel from CO2. [Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, Chunxiao Liu, 2023-2024, ¥100,000]
  3. Ir single atom electrocatalyst for acidic water oxidation in proton exchange membrane electrolyzers [Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, Jialin Tang, 2023-2024, ¥100,000]
  4. Engineering of copper single atom corordination for electrocatalytical CO2 deep reduction [Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, Tingting Zheng, 2023-2024, ¥200,000]
  5. Single atoms alloyed copper-catalysed electrocatalytical CO coupling to produce pure acetic acid [NSFC, Tingting Zheng, 2023-2025, ¥540,000]
  6. Cu based single-atom alloys for electrochemical production of acetic acid. [Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, Chuan Xia, 2022-2024, ¥200,000]
  7. Electrochemical CO2 reduction to liquid fuels. [Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, Chuan Xia, 2022-2023, 500,000 RMB]
  8. Thermal shock synthesis of single-atom alloys for CO2 electrolysis. [Hefei National Research Center for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, Chuan Xia, 2022-2024, ¥400,000]
  9. Realizing commercial-level production of pure formic acid solution via electrochemical CO2 reduction using single atom doped Cu catalyst. [NSFC, Chuan Xia, 2022-2024, ¥300,000]
  10. Onsite electrosynthesis of pure hydrogen peroxide using single atom materials and its sewage treatment application. [NSFC, Chuan Xia, 2022-2025, ¥580,000]
  11. Thousand Young Talent Program. [China, Chuan Xia, 2021-2023, ¥2,000,000]
  12. The startup funding of UESTC. [UESTC, Tingting Zheng, 2022-2024]
  13. The startup funding of UESTC. [UESTC, Qiu Jiang, 2021-2023]
  14. The startup funding of UESTC. [UESTC, Chuan Xia, 2020-2024]