Ice machine

Making small or medium size ice cubes in just 6-8 minutes

Tube furnance

Calcinating samples under the specified atmosphere

Air dry oven

Drying samples in the air-flow

Ultrasonic cleaner

Dispersing samples

Electrospinning equipment

Weaving nanofibres

Deputy: Laihao Luo
Rotatory evaporator

Consecutively distilling volatile solvents under reduced pressure

Deputy: Chuanhao Wang

Kinetic study in ORR

Deputy: Weiqing Xue
Thermo Shock

Heat impulsive technique

Deputy: Tingting Zheng

Vacuum drying at low temperature

Deputy: Jialin Tang

Functional group analysis

Deputy: Chunxiao Liu
GC(from PE)

Gas-phase composition analysis

Deputy: Yizhou Dai
GC(from Agilent)

Gas-phase composition analysis

Deputy: Yizhou Dai

Separating the compositions of mixtures

Deputy: Xinyu Zhao
Ultrapure-water machine

Producing ultrapure-water

Deputy: Xinyan Zhang
Glove box

Conducting experiments and storing samples in the environment without water/oxygen

Duputy: Dong Wang