Our Research Scope

Electrifying CO2 into fuels, foods, drugs...

With the emergence of abundant renewable electricity, many industries are turning to electrification to reduce carbon intensity. We are developing electrocatalytic technology to convert carbon dioxide into chemical fuels and feedstocks, along with next-generation catalysts and cell designs.

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On-site electrosynthesis of small moleculars
(H2O2, IPA, Phenol...)

Commercial synthesis of many nexus chemicals still requires indirect, energy-demanding, and waste-intensive processes. We aim to develop technologies that can directly electrosynthesis pure chemicals.

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Miniaturized Energy storage for on-chip electronics

Microsupercapacitors (integrated electrochemical supercapacitors) for on-chip electrochemical energy storage are fast becoming a critical component of many self-powered and sensor systems. We are developing novel planar 2D and 3D energy storage units for those miniaturized systems.

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